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eComDigger is an all-in-one solution that will help you focus on what really matters to scale up your Ecommerce store by taking care of time consuming tasks from sourcing, fulfillment while giving you an advantage in terms of time, reliability and margins of profit so you can effortlessly scale up your Ecommerce store without worrying about competition and more importantly, time consuming tasks that a business owner shouldn’t think about.

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Years of Excellence

Our Services


It starts like this, your request to find a product arrives to us. Then we dispatch our team to find you what you need directly from factories(no chain intermediaries involved) to ensure you best option on the market, based on 2 criterias, price and quality. This process take 24 to 48 hours to complete.

Quality check

We do quality check twice. First, in the supplier's factory and once more, just to be sure, in our fulfillment-center and this includes repackaging and sending back defective goods to decrease post sale issues.


We provide you with the fastest shipping lines to each country along with a realtime tracking number. That's achieved by using shipping companies exclusive to providing the fastest shipping to the line you need. We've already secured the fastest shipping lines for all countries.


Building a brand from the ground up that stands out is no easy task. and you need a strong, reliable and experienced partner to help you achieve that. eComDigger team will hep you create, develop and grow your Brand, and will assist you in product development, sourcing and also packaging and shipping.

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eComDigger is the fastest fulfillment-center in the industry that you will need to massively scale your Ecommerce store

From China to United Kingdom (2-6 days)
From China to French (6-7 days)
From China to Germany (7-8 days)
From China to United states (7-10 days)
From China to Australia (4-6 days)

By using eComDigger, how am I going to have an edge over my competition?


We have the shortest shipping times in the industry. Because our shipping time goes from 3 to 7 days maximum. Unlike every other private agent/fulfillment center, we don’t resort to using clogged lines. Each line we use is an exclusive shipping company between China and the destination country to assure optimized shipping times and rates. For example, our preference for China to UK is Royal Mail. We don’t operate whimsically like private agents. Our reliability is backed by a contract between party ''A'' which is eComDigger and ''B'', meaning you; The quality of service we provide will not dip as long as the term hasn't been concluded because it's enforced by law.


Dedicated USA Warehouse:

The solution to have even shorter shipping times if you are expanding in USA and Canada, is to ship from USA to either one of those 2. So you can leave shipping from the other side of the world behind. Now how is that possible? We provide you with free storage in our dedicated USA warehouse for 30 days with same day processing time. The capacity of our USA warehouse alone goes up to 5000 orders a day. Shipping time is as fast as ever with UPS or USPS, it takes 2 to 3 days maximum for the parcel to reach its destination. This way you have been offered the best opportunity to scale fast in North America. Take it while the offer is still available by signing up now!

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And that’s just the tip of the iceberg

Here are more ways in which we help your Ecommerce life to be even easier:

Hot Products

Get access to eComDigger private group where we alert you of hot selling products on market leading Chinese platforms such as TikTok and Pinduoduo. Needless to say this done while protecting our members' privacy of business by not showing their hot selling products.


APP(API) to fully integrate your fulfilment pipeline with every major e-commerce system as Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, Woocommerce, Prestashop... To make your life easier by synchronising data between your online store and warehouse on full automation for you.

Payment methods:

We accept all major payment methods/paygates: -Bank wire -Paypal -Payoneer -Transferwise -Credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Union pay etc...)

White/Private labeling:

Once you hit 1000 orders, we help you repackage and customize a product as your own with your logo. Send your label to us and we will complete the process for you.


Dedicated warehouses hold your inventory and guarantee you super fast processing time(24h) with the ability to process up to 10,000 orders per day.

Pictures and Video Creation:

We can provide custom video/photo from our studio or offer footage found on Chinese platforms and factory made video for free so you can get more marketing matierial for your product.

Account Manager:

Each client will be assigned to an account manager, our team has multilingual agents that speak English, French and Arabic...

Product Returns:

We can receive your returned product in our warehouse in the USA. We got you covered.

Ready to exponentially scale your Ecommerce store?

  • 01 Request Fill out the information form and tell us exactly what you need to be taken care of. Give some time to the team as each request is unique and taken into consideration.
  • 02 Confirmation Within 24 Hours you will receive a quotation from us, you just have to confirm the order if you are happy with what you’ll get and then we will take it from there.
  • 03 Payment You can choose the payment method that suits you most, and pay your items by just few steps, easy and secure.
  • 04 Implementation We brief our team on the services we mutually agreed upon doing for you and start work with no delay. Enjoy the bonuses!

what our customers saying

I was struggling with finding trust worthy suppliers until a friend of mine recommended EcomDigger. I contacted them and explained to them what I need for business and they were extremely helpful and resourceful. And the fact they can actually store inventory in there warehouses really changed the game for me. That has been a great plus in helping me scale my store. As it was recommended to me, I have to do the same. EcomDigger is the Best thing that can happen to your business these times.

Author image  King J, 8 Figures Ecom Stores

I just love how EcomDigger is helping entrepreneurs scale their online stores. 2020 was going to be a scary year for me and a treat to my business, until I found EcomDigger. There services came right on time, helping me find suppliers and factories for the products I want to have in my store, and even taking care of the quality and inventory for me. Can't find a company that does all this but the main point is, their shipping service is top speed, they're not lazy, they find the quickest service for the shipping line you need. Couldn't be more happy with what EcomDigger does. Plus, their staff is so professional and considerate.

Author image  Marcelina Ralston, 6 Figures Ecom Stores

What I like the most about EcomDigger is the fact that it takes 1 or 2 days to process an order, shipping time is the shortest, and they're more reliable than every option out there because they're w fulfillment center not a private agent, peace of mind. I'm really glad I found them. My business has been doing well since. Thank you so much for your help, I admire how professional your agents are, and how well you serve your customers.

Author image  James MCDaniel, 7 Figures Ecom Stores

Big Bravo to EcomDigger team, i was very happy to visit you in your fullfilement center thank you for helpping me to change my business model from dropshipping to real Brand

Author image  Leo Fournier, Brand Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is drop shipping ?

Ecommerce is a method in which you as the seller do not need to keep products in your inventory, instead, you work with EcomDigger, We source products from China, take care of quality control, branding package and we send the products directly to your buyers.
For Example:

  • - You sell school bags on eBay or Shopify Ecommerce for $60
  • - A customer from the United States (Tom) buys a School Bag from your eCommerce store.
  • - You contact EcomDigger and provide us the shipping details of Tom.
  • - You pay EcomDigger $15 for the product & Shipping, and we ship the school bag to Tom.
  • - Your gross margin is $60–15=$45
  • - Ecommerce with us is a risk-free and easiest way to start your business.

How to start my Ecommerce services with you?

EcomDigger.com is a sourcing agency and eCommerce fulfillment center in China. We can help you source products from China at the best possible price while maintaining the best possible quality. To start a business with eCommerce, you can simply submit your sourcing request here. You can send us the Aliexpress link, Amazon Link, Taobao product link, or any product URL, product pictures with your target price and your shipping destination. We will do the work for you.

How long does it take to process my order?

Since there are time differences from New York to Beijing, It usually takes about 24-48 hours for us to process the order.

How long does it take to chip from China to USA?

Our special shipping line takes 5 to 7 days.

Can you insert card, customize package for me?

Yes, we can. customize your packaging and print your logo on the product.

Do you offer amazon FBA services?

Yes, we can ship to amazon warehouse or any private warehouse, we can do shipping 1 by 1 and ship stock to your warehouse.

What does EcomDigger stands for?

Well, this is a very good question, EcomDigger is because most of the Ecommerce sellers focus on a generic or specific niche, this is how we understand our customers, and we are aiming to help our customer to be their niche Unicom, we are the AliExpress Ecommerce Alternative, We offer full dropshipping services and we are aiming to make Ecommerce simple and easier for all drop shippers.

Do you do cash on delivery?

Yes, we offer full-stack solutions with COD, purchase, ship, and collect money from the customer. We can provide COD for more than 17 countries.